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Historical Data & Measurable ObjectivesHECM has trained 26 Molokai residents in Introduction to PV Installation and Maintenance as of December 2023.  An additional 10 Molokai residents advanced their training and attained a Certification in Microgrid System installation and maintenance in December 2023.  In Spring 2024 10 Molokai residents heightened their professional development skills through the attainment of Certification in Solar Sales.  Thus far HECM has successfully provided Renewable Energy Training at 100% tuition subsidy to 46 Molokai residents ranging from unemployed, underemployed, and those seeking a new career and sector.
The State Of Hawaii Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative has a goal of achieving 100 percent clean energy by 2045.  HECM is supporting and assisting to orchestrate such movement through the design and implementation of training and workforce access for Molokai residents that align with Clean Energy projects on the island and throughout the state.
Project DescriptionHECM will train 20 Molokai residents in Clean Energy Sales and Clean Energy PV installation and maintenance by end of year 2024 with workforce transitional services to align training completers with internship and or employment opportunities within the renewable energy sector on Molokai and/or abroad.
Priority Focus AreasEnergy; Economic Development

Hoʻāhu has been diligently fostering a thriving local workforce by offering fully subsidized tuition for Clean Energy Technician training programs. These comprehensive programs encompass safety certification, PV solar courses, and practical hands-on building experiences. Upon completion of the course, participants emerge trained and certified to proficiently construct small-scale solar systems.

These are the current Molokai “Clean Energy Sales Training” participants for 2024!