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Check out the latest projects and happenings with HOʻĀHU ENERGY COOPERATIVE MOLOKAI…

Hoʻāhu Clean Energy Technicians go to

Arizona State University

Hoʻolehua Homestead Off-Grid Set Up

The Most recent project our Clean Energy Technicians worked on was gifting a Family whose home burnt down in a fire with an Off-Grid Solar system on their new home. The Clean Energy Technicians worked on this system and built it from the ground up!

Kalokoʻeli Workshop/Outdoor Classroom

Hoʻāhu Energy Molokais Clean Energy Technicians get first hand training and hands on opportunities while in their outdoor classroom. The Technicians plan together, troubleshoot together and come up with the best solutions to current Solar Energy Systems. From the ground up they build these systems.

Our Island Home, Molokai

Molokai is not just an island in the middle of the pacific ocean, it is our home. It is a place that we love, we take care of and a place that we fight for. Our island is special and unique therefore we must trying our best to make changes to protect it and make sure that our resources are here for generations to come.