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Check out the latest projects and happenings with HOʻĀHU ENERGY COOPERATIVE MOLOKAI…

Clean Energy Sales Training 2024

If you happen to encounter any of our Clean Energy Sales Training participants, please extend them a warm aloha. They comprise the inaugural group partaking in this training course, and we’re thrilled to equip them with tools that could greatly benefit their future endeavors.

Molokai Earth Day Celebration 2024

Annually, Hoʻāhu joins hands with the Molokai community, sharing insights into all the clean energy endeavors the organization has been engaged in throughout the year. This collaborative effort serves to raise awareness about the promising future of clean energy in Hawaii, with a special focus on Molokai.

Kahua Building Workshop

In collaboration with Shake Energy Collaborative, The Molokai Clean Energy Hui, Sustainable Molokai, Our County Offices, and the Molokai Community, Hoʻāhu hosted a four-day Kahua Building Workshop. Attendees included representatives from various Hawaii energy entities and federal agencies from the mainland. The workshop encompassed critical infrastructure site visits, resilience planning, community input sessions, discussions on clean energy ideas and potential solutions, and provided our “Technical Team” with an opportunity to experience firsthand the unique characteristics of Molokai.

Molokai High School Career Fair

Hoʻāhu seized the opportunity to engage Molokai High School students in a hands-on solar build project from scratch. Using a combination of new and recycled materials, they wired and constructed a mini solar system. Despite the time constraint of just two hours, the students rose to the challenge and successfully completed the solar build, showcasing their ingenuity and dedication.

Kā Molokai Makahiki Event

Hoʻāhu, in collaboration with The Molokai Clean Energy Hui, had the privilege of presenting plans for CERAP (Clean Energy Resilience Action Plan) and various other clean energy initiatives unfolding on Molokai to the local community. This provided an invaluable platform to foster dialogue, share insights, and garner support for these important projects aimed at advancing clean energy and enhancing resilience on the island.

Hoʻāhu Clean Energy Technicians go to

Arizona State University

The Clean Energy Technicians (Hybrid) training class, in collaboration with Arizona State University (ASU), embarked on a visit to the ASU campus for a comprehensive tour and hands-on training session at their state-of-the-art clean energy facility. This unique opportunity allowed participants to gain practical insights and skills directly from industry experts, further enhancing their knowledge and readiness to contribute to the clean energy sector.

Hoʻolehua Homestead Off-Grid Set Up

The Most recent project our Clean Energy Technicians worked on was gifting a Family whose home burnt down in a fire with an Off-Grid Solar system on their new home. The Clean Energy Technicians worked on this system and built it from the ground up!

Kalokoʻeli Workshop/Outdoor Classroom

Hoʻāhu Energy’s Molokai Clean Energy Technicians receive firsthand training and hands-on experience right in their outdoor classroom setting. Working closely together, they strategize, troubleshoot, and collaborate to devise optimal solutions for current solar energy systems. From conceptualization to execution, they build these systems from the ground up, honing their skills and expertise while contributing to the advancement of clean energy on Molokai.

Our Island Home, Molokai

Molokai is not just an island in the middle of the pacific ocean, it is our home. It is a place that we love, we take care of and a place that we fight for. Our island is special and unique therefore we must trying our best to make changes to protect it and make sure that our resources are here for generations to come.