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Community Meeting
March 16, 2024- 9am
Meeting ID: 948 3633 0885 Passcode: hoahu


Resilient, sustainable, equitable, culturally conscious energy for all.

Community Owned

Hoʻāhu Energy is a community owned and managed energy cooperative whose profits are shared with its subscribers and vested toward community ownership of its projects.

Driven by justice

Energy justice means that our relationship with energy is inclusive and complimentary to a healthy community and environment.

The Vision

Hoʻāhu Energy’s vision is resilient, sustainable, equitable, culturally conscious energy for all.

Our Mission

To produce community-owned, affordable, renewable energy for the benefit of our members, the community, and environment.


We have partnered with two progressive, community-oriented energy developers, Shake Energy Collaborative and Mana Pacific for the purpose of bidding, winning, and installing HEI’s CBRE project with the help and input of the Molokai community. 

From The Hawaii People’s Fund Podcast

Listen to Todd Yamashita explain his grassroots vision for Energy Justice.

Volunteer Board Members & Staff

We are aiming for 100% of the installation, ongoing maintenance of this and future projects, as well as management of Hoʻāhu Energy, to be performed by Molokai residents.

Our community deserves the opportunity

to chart its own course by owning a meaningful stake in its clean energy future.